Breaking the Blogging Cherry

Well, its been real. Staying in the background of the social media world. Too afraid to enter into the world of blogging in a tangible way. Yes, I created a blog through my University, and posted a total of three times in three years. The truth is, I wasn’t sure if I would have anything to say. Or if anyone would read it for that matter. However, after the third baby, the completion of the first book, my husbands transition from the life of an academic scientist to an entrepenuer has given me quite a lot to say. Plus, I am on leave and need to make sure I find an outlet for all of this Momminess mixed with intellectual queries about everything from why they play the songs they do on popular radio to why Marxist theory and class are often mutually exclusive from discussions of race and gender…and so we shall see how this goes, how long it lasts, and what type of ride it will be…onward.

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