Why we write…

Sometimes we write to live, sometimes we write to express, sometimes we write to free our minds, and sometimes we write to survive. When I feel all bound up, I used to sit, stare into space, maybe take a nap. I have yelled at the top of my lungs, thrown miscellaneous objects across a room, or find a way to let the anger go. I haven’t been doing so well with it lately.  I find myself angry about so many little things, that I am not sure how to scale down my reaction or just let it go.

I want to learn to meditate. I want to learn how to remove myself mentally from what has translated into anger. But, the time is often short.  The ability to “get away” is severely limited based on my schedule, obligations and having three small children 5 and under. So, what do I do?

Well, I stared a blog to promote my first book. I started it to get my face and my words onto the great blogisphere out there, but what I think is starting to happen, is that I now see how therapeutic the practice can be.  Without putting all of your personal business out there for the world to use, alter, misunderstand, I now see it for its value. It keeps your writing, exposes you to other bloggers out there and where their heads are at and allows you to take it easy and just write every day.  Which is what I was told oh so long ago in graduate school. Yet, deep down inside, does this count as writing, I mean in an academic way? I think about all the committee obligations I have, becoming a new co-Editor of an online Newsletter (the African Diaspora Archaeology Newsletter – http://www.diaspora.uiuc.edu/newsletter.html), on the cusp of my Annual Faculty Report being due, and my Professional organization’s annual meetings approaching.  Wow, just writing about it makes me a little sleepy.

Time is important, setting aside the ability to remain human is also an important aspect of staying sane. Well, I think I am beginning to understand why we write. I think I am finally settling into my identity as a blogger.

And I feel better than I did when I started this entry and I am pretty sure that is why I write…

Blog out…

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