Year of the #tenuregrind

Ok, so it has been an eternity since my last blog post. The truth is, that I am always thinking of topics, of things to write about, however, because I don’t have an hour or two to craft each prose and make it witty as hell, I have opted out of writing anything. So, in my recent attempt to stay sane through the process of preparing for promotion to Associate Professor (tenure in layperson’s terms), I am going to take 10 minutes here and there and get some of these thoughts (clever or not) out of my head. 

Everything doesn’t need to be polished, everything doesn’t need to be the best damn blog ever, it just has to be therapeutic. It has to be the release I meant for this genre to be. So, I now invite you to connect with a sistah doctor on her journey to wrap her hands around that golden fleece (talking about the quest for tenure – refer to earlier blog post for that one) and be narrow in focus for the immediate.

To be honest, the fact that I caught a moment when all three children are still asleep (I really have to wake them up and get moving with the morning), is a rare thing. So, instead of grinding on, I decided to write on. Part of my journey is surviving through this process with a partner with a full (I mean full) time job and other commitments, my job and all the countless meetings and deadlines and obligations from hell, and juggling a six year old, an almost 4 year old, and a little (but not small) 17 month old. It is an endurance test. It is the ability to learn to say NO to something (which I did three times in the past four days). 

So, I invite you on my tenure grind journey. I will probably be changing the overall theme to the blog page from academic gangst(h)er to trials and tribulations of academic motherhood or something like that. But, I need to write what comes to  mind and I need to write often.

I know I love what I do, but this pace is about making or breaking and I am determined that I (and the whole gang) will make it through. 


There are also some classic quick rants that I often post on twitter – so feel free to follow me there too! @blackfemarch.

live long and prosper

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