Thoughts on holding our children a little tighter…

It was Monday, I woke up in a sea of children.  All three of my children – 6, 4, and 19 months were in my bed with my husband and I nearly falling off of the edges (I know most parents of young children can relate). It was a moment when I was waking to an aching neck, a contorted back and realizing that I only had about two more hours to get the last winks in. There was only one way to get comfortable – and that would be to remove one (if not) all three of the small children who lay sprinkled (comfortably) about my bed. But this Monday was different. After the tragedy of Newtown, my heart has been just a little heavy. I walk with the feeling of wanting to hold my children a little tighter, be a little more patient when I feel like raising three children is a little overwhelming, and appreciate every moment with them.

So, the result is – we have started playing board games, reading a few more books, and laughing a little louder and running in circles just because we can. It is a time when the tree is lit up at night and we are getting the Kwanzaa candles ready. So, I don’t want to be sad and reflect how much pain I feel for the parents in that small Connecticut town, but reflect on the happy moments and make sure that I remember to keep them going, beyond the tragedy, beyond the tears, and create an atmosphere that makes us all a little happier every day.

Hug your children, and smile more…it helps the world heal a little bit more each day.


blog out…

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