the labor of Black History Month

“I have loved my work, I have loved people and my play, but always I have been uplifted by the thought that what I have done well will live long and justify my life; that what I have done ill or never finished can now be handed on to others for endless days to be […]

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The Need for the HBCU

The other day as I muddled through the daily morning routine of getting children ready for school, making lunches and snacks, watching the clock and listening (when I remember) to the usually interesting topics blaring from the radio tuned into my local National Public Radio (NPR) station, a story came on and I had to […]

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You Really Can Go Home

There was a moment in my life when I was a historian.  I was seduced by the document and intrigued by the possibility of changing the world by some great discovery or at least a great book. Then I was about to finish college and needed to make a decision, what was I going to […]

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